Tout à l'heure les développeurs d'ArenaNet présents à l'EUFanDay ont répondu aux questions posées par les fansites européens. Voici donc un extrait des questions (et leurs réponses) abordées aujourd'hui à Brighton !

EU fans taking turns asking questions at EUFandDay. We're here at ArenaNet talking with all the fans in Brighton. Technology!

Earlier, Colin answered a question about unrevealed PvP maps.
Teaser: one of them will be very nostalgic for Guild Wars players. :-)
Ree answering a question about how lore info is delivered to players: NPC chatter, personal story, events, ...
There are a lot of Easter eggs scattered around in the world in Tyria in Guild Wars 2, that answer questions from Guild Wars.
Eric: Focus for Guild Wars 2 PvP and esports is to make sure the game is accessible and has broad appeal.

Question: Sidekicking in dungeons?
Colin: Yes. You get sidekicked down if you are higher than the rec. level. No sidekicking up tho.

Question: Penalty for changing guilds?
Eric: No. We look at guilds as groups of friends. I have different groups of friends I play the game with

Eric: Freedom to play with your diff. social groups. Guild membership is meaningful because friendships are meaningful.
In competitive PvP, players can be recognized by teams. You could have a well-known team with members from different guilds.
Competitive PvP: capture points are flexible as a mechanic. Easy to understand. Encompass a lot of play styles.

Question: human females seem to be very pretty.
Kristen: sliders allow players further customization. Humans in general are idealized.

Question: How do players see cross-profession combos?
Eric: visual effects in-world, UI pop-up that says "combo." More refinements

Q&A with Colin J, Eric F, Ree, Kristen Perry and Josh Petrie
Eric: it won't be explicitly spelled out. Rely on players to learn & observe in-game. "I'm sure it will be on the wiki." :>

Question: Anything more about guild features?
Eric: will launch with the major features in-game now; will keep refining post-launch.

Question: Rank emotes for PvP?
Eric: no rank emotes like the deer in Guild Wars. No special emotes for a specific type of game play like PvP

Question: sylvari/asura playable in future beta events?
Eric: we want to expand content in future, but also want to avoid spoilers.

Question: observer mode for PvP?
Eric: not at launch. We would like to have it in the future. Will talk about it when we can.

That concludes the EUFanDay chat with our fans in Brighton and the developers here at the studio.

Thank you to all the fans at EUFanDay and to all of you following from home. =) I'm sure the various fansites will have coverage later.

Group photo of the community at EUfanday
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Traduction française ci-dessous :

Avatar Commentaire de Azog#1
There are a lot of Easter eggs scattered around in the world in Tyria in Guild Wars 2, that answer questions from Guild Wars.
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En réponse à une question, il y a beaucoup d’œufs de Pâques éparpillés dans le monde de Tyrie.
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HS, il y a une demoiselle très charmante dans l'assemblée.
Avatar Commentaire de MeoWy#2
Laquelle ? o.O

Sinon merci des infos, la caméra en PVP c'est pas mal :)
Avatar Commentaire de Crappy#3
Si ArenaNet veut faire de GW2 un jeu esportif, il leur faut le mode replay et observateur, si non ça risque d'être un peu difficile.
En tout cas, merci pour ces infos ! ;)
Avatar Commentaire de Scipion#4
J'imagine qu'il parle de la ptite rousse.
Sinon sur la première photo, y'a tout le monde qui semble super intéressé, concentré ou entrain de rire ... hormis un intrus. Le trouverez-vous ?
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