Dans cet article d'Eurogamer, Arenanet annonce que lors de la mise à jour du 10 mars prochain, une caméra à la premiere eprsonne sera disponible ! D'autres options seront aussi ajoutés :

First-person Camera: Zooming in all the way will allow players to experience a first-person view. First-person mode is available while standing in place, walking, running, jumping, playing PvP and just about anything else. There aren't any restrictions on where first-person can be used.
Field of View: A much requested feature, the field of view slider is a setting that will allow players to adjust how much can be seen in the game world. Players can use a slider to shrink or enlarge the field of view.
Position Slider: The Position Slider has been split into two different options, horizontal position and vertical position. The horizontal position slider will offset the camera to the left and right. An 'over-the-shoulder' view can be created as well to keep the centre of the screen clear. The vertical position sets the maximum height the camera can go when the camera is at maximum distance from a character. The actual camera height will adjust the more you zoom in to ensure that your character is always on the screen.
Collision Sensitivity: When enabled, this setting will adjust how much stuff (trees, walls, rocks, etc.) needs to be between a player's character and camera before the camera snaps in.
Character Height: No matter the race or size, the camera will now focus on a character's head. This is going to give norn players a relatively taller feeling than their asura-playing friends. This change might affect players who frequent jumping puzzles, so to counteract this, there is an adjust camera to character height toggle. When unchecked, the camera will move to a consistent position above the character's feet, regardless of how big or small the character is.
Demain, 21h, un épisode de Ready up sera consacré a cette mise à jour :
Avatar Commentaire de zeichs#1
Ils en mettent du temps Arena pour sortir les petits détails que les joueurs attendent. Good News !
Avatar Commentaire de Radjame#2
Voilà l'article français sur le site officiel :
Avatar Commentaire de helari#3
Avatar Commentaire de cronos#4
Toujours pas de nouvelle ?
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